Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Exadata in Australia

In October 2008, Oracle unveiled the Oracle Exadata family of products.  The Exadata family of appliances are geared towards providing high-performance, ready to scale database processing capabilities specifically mixed applications workload (DSS or OLTP) and simplifies the first step in the Design Pattern, by providing a pre-configured standardised platform.

Traditionally the type of application workload for the database was a key consideration in designing and configuring the environment as allocations for, and use of, resources can be very different depending on whether the workload type is Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or Decision Support System (DSS).  Oracle Exadata overcomes this and is suited to either OLTP, DSS or a mixed workload.

As tweeted by @OracleRedRoom over the last couple of days and reported by ZDNet yesterday, it is great news to see the First Exadata V2 machine arrive in Australia for Commonwealth Bank.