Thursday, August 12, 2010

Max your Apps at Insync

Are you going to Insync?

If you’ve somehow missed the marketing, its the largest ever Oracle User Group Conference in Australia and sees the various User groups like Quest , AUSOUG and OAUG all combine under one roof to help users of products like Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft to name but a few understand how to get more value from their investments.

The key value prop for our participation in Insync hinges on the fact that the Fusion Platform can allow existing Application customers maximise the value and ownership experience of their existing investments while laying a software foundation in preparation for Fusion Applications. So the discussion hinges on the reduction of the cost of ownership of applications, the increase in agility that a business requires, and the reduction of risk when a customer wishes to upgrade to a new version of our applications.

Business applications have dominated the IT landscape for many years. Organisations have embraced these applications due to the functional, process-centric value they deliver to the bottom line. Every business though is unique in how they function. As a result, organisations customise, extend and integrate their business applications as their business models evolve. These customisations, extensions and integrations are often proprietary in nature, heavily scripted and very often undocumented. The more the business the business evolves, the more the application architecture becomes a tightly wound ball of string.

By utilising the Fusion Platform, many Oracle customers have realised more value from their existing Oracle Application investments by decoupling the traditionally coupled customisations, extensions and integrations. The Fusion Platform not only delivers immediate value to Applications customers in areas such as customised self-service experiences, ad-hoc exception handling, process visibility across applications and application data integration, but through its decoupled approach provides an underlying platform that enables the business application to be upgrade resilient; in other words the Fusion Platform will reduce the cost and risk of upgrade of Oracle Business Applications and reduce the traditional barriers to a customer receiving the functional benefits of a new version of their new business application. The Fusion Platform is not only certified for use with our Oracle Applications Unlimited today, but will be used as the core foundation for Fusion Applications, thereby reducing the risk of retraining staff and ensuring that the stable foundation you put in place today continues forward with your application journey.

Insync poses a great opportunity for customers to investigate how to get the maximum value from extending their applications today, how the role of applications is changing in architectures, the importance of a core platform to deliver business agility and flexibility, and the role that the Fusion Platform will play in Oracle’s application strategy moving forward. Speakers include thought leaders from Oracle, Oracle Ace’s and customers.
See the brochure here.

See you there if you’re attending!


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