Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exalogic - Not just an appliance

Unfortunately I could not make Open World this year, but was able to view the live streamed keynote address by Larry Ellison.

What piqued my interest was his announcement of Exalogic. You might think to yourself, what is so special about Exalogic, isn’t just Weblogic Server in a box?

Exalogic goes way further than that. It essentially provides an elastic computing platform that can support from departmental applications, right through to the most demanding ERP and mainframe applications, including the many 3rd party apps that can run on Linux or Solaris.

So what makes Exalogic special? For me, Larry’s keynote left me with two points:

  • Exalogic provides extreme Java performance and is designed to cater for the most demanding applications in a scale out approach,
  • It is integrated, managed, tested and patched as a functioning unit. This means a reduction in operational cost, improved performance and reduced time to deploy,

While there are so many technical advances made in Exalogic, incorporating both hardware and software, I always like to know what the bottom line is and what it might mean to businesses in Australia and APAC.

If I look at the current market place, renewed interest is being placed on the role the data center plays in an organisation. On the one hand organisations are looking for agility from their data center to respond to changing market conditions, while on the other there are still continual pressures to optimise data centers and reduce cost. I believe that Exalogic caters for both these requirements at the same time. Exalogic provides the platform that can facilitate transforming IT to an as-a-service model, while at the same time directly attacking operating cost / maintenance by providing a platform that will facilitate consolidation from disk to application.

If you want to scratch beneath the surface, check out the new site on Exalogic.

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