Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Openworld day four: Its a wrap!

Mark Hurd returned to the stage on wednesday to introduce regular Openworld keynote attraction, Michael dell, who the final day of the conference and talked about

As well as partners there were of ourselves several customers and attending and some presenting. We were able to speak to one or two:

- Damian Walsh, Chief Operating Officer of Melbourne IT talks about the company's IT transformation project

- John Olzewski, Operations Infrastructure & Architecture Manager, Information Technology Services, Bunnings Group Limited talks about his upcoming presentation about his company's use of Oracle

The final day is of course traditionally the day of Larry's final keynote and he devoted half of this to reprising the announcement both he and Mark Hurd had discussed earlier in the week: Exalogic. IBRS Analyst Kevin McIsaac was luckily able to take out of his day before the keynote to put some context around the new platform when he spoke to us outside the keynote hall.

Larry also introduced keenly awaited Fusion Applications demonstrations following his announcement on Sunday that they would GA early in the new year.

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