Thursday, September 23, 2010

Openworld Day Three: In full flow...

Day Two saw the conference in full flight, beginning with Thomas Kurian's Keynote at 8am where a number of announcements were made including an outline for the future of Java. More generally Mr Kurian talk about cloud, which he broadly defined as software as a service on modern Datacentre architecture. He later went on to describe what that modern architecture looked like, naturally focussing a great deal on the twin plat forms of Exadata and the new Exalogic. The day also saw the announcement of the Oracle Health Management Platform, the Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management for Public Sector and Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18.

Later in the day, Brett Winterford of iTnews - during a Q&A with APAC SVP Steve Au Yeaung and a later interview with Frontline MD Steve Murphy - learned about plans for a new Oracle On Demand Datacentre in Sydney.

There are more than 400 delegates attending from Australia and New Zealand, and during the day we spoke to a number of partners about their businesses. Unfortunately technical glitches have spoiled the recordings of many of them, but this video puts some useful perspective on how Oracle works with its partners, on Oracle's cloud heritage and the value partners get from Openworld:

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