Monday, September 20, 2010

Oracle Openworld Day One: Iron Men, The America's Cup and Exalogic

The first announcement of the day was an interesting one, and is sure to build confidence for the open source community - Oracle Announces MySQL 5.5 Release Candidate: - and is bound to be the topic of discussion as the two developer conferences that run parallel to Openworld open up, Java One and Oracle Develop.

With JavaOne Oracle has now closed a second street in San Francisco – as well as Howard between Moscone North and Moscone South , JavaOne has now meant also the closing of Mason Street next to the Hilton . The sheer scale of the conference was detailed by Oracle’s CMO Judy Sim during her keynote – and with 41,000 delegates to all three conferences, this is Oracle’s largest show and the in fact the largest show of its kind in the industry.

As the day grew older the excitement built and the queues to register stretched out the doors: Those getting in early to queue for Larry’s Keynote could enjoy the fun the marketing team have had with the Iron Man 2 collaboration: including Larry’s brief cameo in the movie. Then when the doors opened the crowds flooded in:

Larry’s Keynote was preceded by a short video celebrating the winning of the America’s Cup by his BMW/Oracle Team earlier this year, before he finally came onto the stage to discuss cloud computing – “another kind of extreme performance” he said making an allusion to his sailing triumph. Admitting that he’s been quite outspoken about Cloud Computing, Larry defined cloud as needing to be both elastic AND virtualised before announcing the Exalogic Elastic Cloud – 30 compute servers and 360 cores with an Infiniband 40GB/sec link. Like its Exadata cousin, the Exalogic machine represents software and hardware engineered perfectly together. Exalogic is – said Larry – completely fault tolerant with no single point of failure and is entirely secure – and is “by far the fastest computer for running Java”.

In tests, Larry said Exalogic has demonstrated 12x performance increase running Internet apps: 1m HTTP requests per second; and a 4.5x performance improvement running messaging apps: 1.8m a second!

Mr Ellison then moved on to address Linux, saying that a big problem for Oracle has been that the Red Hat Kernel of Linux on which Oracle Linux is based is “four years” behind the rest of the community, which is why Oracle is releasing the Oracle Enterprise Kernel for mission critical, large scale environments such as those which Exadata supports. He also previed the new Exadata OLTP Exadata machine that Mark Hurd and John Fowler will together announce tomorrow.

Finally Larry previewed his Wednesday keynote announcing Fusion Applications GA in early 2011 after a massive five year software engineering program to fuse the best of JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Siebel and eBusiness Suite together. Key principles of Fusion Larry stated clearly was that it could be deployed on the public cloud or the private cloud and is based entirely on SOA, SaaS, Business Intelligence and open standards. “If you know Java, you know Fusion” he said before some brief demonstrations:

His final comment summed up the week ahead: "A whole host of cool things being announced this week at Openworld". Plenty to look forward to now the curtains have fully lifted. Stay tuned to this blog for summaries, and register for the APAC blog at Oracle MIX:

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