Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Openworld Day Two: Getting down to Business...

As delegates returned to Moscone North, South and West for the first full day of proceedings at Oracle Openworld, the dust was still settling from the announcements from the night before. An Australian journalist attending the show, Brett Winterford, has already filed his perspective of the announcements with these storties:
Oracle releases its own Linux kernel
and Oracle releases monster "private cloud" box

And an Australian Blogger and Oracle ACE, Richard Foote brought his perspective to the show also:

Mark Hurd made his debut as an Oracle Executive up on stage first thing in the morning with his Keynote bringing more detail to the Exadata announcement Larry began the previous evening and was joined by Oracle's Systems lead John Fowler who talked about the latest release of Solaris as well as updates on SPARC and ZFS. (Our resident reporter was able to write this up also for the folks back home.)

Mark Hurd was not the only first appearance of the day either with The America's Cup taking up residence in Moscone North also.

Later that day we got the chance to speak to Oracle ANZ MD Ian White to get another Aussie perspective on the show:

The day drew to a close with Thomas Kurian presenting a keynote to the JavaOne conference focussing on the Java platform and developer tools acquired through Sun such as Netbeans, JavaFX and Glassfish and introduced guests who demonstrated the application of these tools in various game development including Star Wars: The Old Republic; proving that Mr Ellison's company really had become Ora...cool!

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