Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is cloud just outsourcing 2.0?

Marc Caltabiano (@marccaltabiano on Twitter) is our Director of Enterprise Architecture and has been keeping a very interesting blog called The Light Bulb Effect for more than a year now. It is proving a very useful resource for Enterprise Architects in ANZ and his content has seen a lot of discussion on Twitter and in various LinkedIn Groups. Here's how Marc describes his blog:

"The light bulb is most often thought of as Thomas Edison's greatest invention, however the bulb was little more than a parlor trick without a system of electric power generation and transmission to make it truly useful. (source HBR June 2008) Like Edison, the role of Enterprise Architecture is to create the ecosystem required to meet broader business and technology outcomes and objectives."

Marc's latest post features a slide deck from a recent presentation to the Australian Architecture Forum on Cloud Computing. Its worth checking out, along with a second presentation on "Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture." Pick up his RSS feed if EA is your thing...

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