Monday, October 12, 2009

SUNday at Oracle OPenworld - Part II

There was no doubt what the highlight of day one would be: Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy in a joint Keynote. And it didn't disapoint...

Thousands thronged into the Moscone North Keynote Hall to see what everyone sensed would be IT Industry history in the making. Scott McNealy took the stage first of all to run through all of Sun's innovations which was quite the journey through the last 25 years of IT history: Solaris, Sparc, Java, etc etc. You can watch a good deal of his presentation here.

Then Scott was joined by Software legend and the "Father of Java" James Gosling who described his feelings about working for the world's largest business software company. Asked if he was excited he replied "absolutely" and joked that he'd never worked for a software company! Mr McNealy then joked that Oracle "won't be a software company by the time we've finished with them!"

After Sun EVP John Fowler came on stage to describe some of the innovations Oracle and Sun are working on together, the man Mr McNealy introduced as "The Oracle of Redwood City" came on stage. First he repeated previous affirmations about Oracle's commitment to MySQL (citing previous commitment to SleepyCat and InnoDB) and to Solaris and Sparc, which he described as the leading chip and operating system in the industry respectively.

He then announced new TPC benchmark results vs IBM Power OLTP configurations. Then he went on to further compare the Sun/Oracle configuration and IBM Power, making the following statements: "Per transaction basis, the OBM OLTP config consumes 6x electricity power than Oracle/Sun; and isn't even fault tolerant" and "Oracle/Sun 9 RAC OLTP config boasts 25% more throughput; 16x better response time than IBM Power".

Finally, after a vintage performance by Mr Ellison, Scott McNealy rounded up the memorable keynote saying: "I believe our board and shareholders made a very wise decision [to go into] partnership with Oracle".

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