Monday, October 12, 2009

SUNday at Oracle Openworld - Part 1

Oracle Openworld 2009 kicked off this morning at the San Francisco Hilton bright and early at 9 o'clock with SQL Developer Guru Tom Kyte of fame who presented to a packed 750+ audience about "What are we still doing wrong?" He began by saying that after the 15 releases of the Oracle database he has seen in his career, DBAs the world over are still getting things wrong - and he should know, because they come to "Asktom" when it all goes wrong. He had a few points of advice, saying that "DBAs often find it difficult to ask for help":

  • When asking question's, be very specific and you were asking your mom
  • To be a good SQL developer you need to understand sets AND algorithms AT THE SAME TIME
  • You have to think about security from the get-go
  • Virtualisation security is an oxymoron - even in the distant future
You can see my colleague Chi Hea Cho (@chiheacho on Twitter) interview Tom after his Keynote on You Tube here at the Oracle JAPAC Channel.

Over at the Oracle ANZ Channel, you can watch Aussie Oracle ACE and Blogger, Richard Foote talk to Ms Cho about his thoughts following Tom's Keynote. Later that day, Aussie Oracle ACE and blogger, Alex Gorbachev, himself interviewed fellow ACE Richard for his own blog.

Stay tuned for more on Larry and Scott's Keynote...

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