Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let us do all the hard work!

Its worth watching this video chat between Oracle ANZ's Managing Director, Ian White, and ZDnet Australia's Chris Duckett (@dobes) at Openworld last week to understand how Oracle is innovating the software business. Ian makes the point that after a decade of implementing vanilla ERP and heavily customising it to match the orgnaisation's processes (with all the upgrade path hell that involves); customers are increasingly looking to vendors to wear the burden of customisation and adapt processes to fit the software so that upgrades etc are as painless and cost-free as possible.

Mr White also makes some very valuable comments about the health of the business here in ANZ, about Exadata V2 and the partnership with Sun; not to mention about how customers are increasingly augmenting their ERP with the help of Oracle's acquired IP such as in demand planning (Demantra) and Policy Automation (Haley) and with the integration benefits of Fusion Middleware.

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  1. OK, first off, I work for Oracle. There. BUT, I like the title of this interview-a pithy description about Oracle's strategy of pre-integrating and optimizing as much of the IT 'pieces' as possible for the customer in its products. This is a fundamentally different approach from the IT services players, who you could argue have a vested interest in maintaining complexity because it = more consulting $$.